Autumn Wedding Photography Workshop, Keswick
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People often ask what do wedding photographers do when its not main wedding season. I’m  often I’m told how lucky i am to have a job where i only have to work one or two days of the week. This could not be further from the truth.

As a wedding photographer my time is spent on marketing, pricing, printing, updating, accounting, risk assessing, pricing, researching, blogging, meeting, developing, editing and obviously shooting which is of course the most enjoyable part for me. This is probably the smallest proportion of my job role and what goes on behind the scenes is far more time consuming. I would love to be with clients more but the reality is without the boring admin side the amazing practical side just would not be possible.

The lake district is one of my favourite places on earth. The scenery, clean air and beautiful views are a great way to unwind. So  when the wedding season is slowly easing and the winter months are approaching its only right we plan something that we can really sink our teeth in and take away experience, knowledge, new techniques and spend time with like minded creatives!! So last year i went to Keswick for a few days and attended a brilliant wedding photography workshop. Whilst there we went to many different locations. We had bride & groom models and the knowledge and guidance of a great course leader.

The stunning scenery made the perfect backdrop for unique scenic wedding photographs in the lake district. On the first day we had the worst rain fall in a long time. The roads were all blocked but despite the weather we still got some unique images.

LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop Wedding Photography Workshop LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop|WeddingPhotographyTrainingcoursesLakes_-3

After taking shelter under the trees for a short time the weather cleared up. We headed to the jetty to create some amazing atmospheric wedding photographs.  On a real day wedding one of the only things we cannot control is the weather. Having the opportunity to experiment using umbrellas and really embracing the rain helped create some fabulous images!LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop|WeddingPhotographyTrainingcoursesLakes_-4 LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop Wedding Photography Workshop LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop Wedding Photography Workshop LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop

The last location was surprise view, its set high up and the views are breath taking. We were blessed with a pretty autumn sunset which meant gorgeous sunset wedding photographs. Wedding Photography Workshop in The lakes LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop Wedding Photography Workshop in The lakes LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop|WeddingPhotographyTrainingcoursesLakes_-13

Obviously every bride needs a beautiful wedding bouquet to carry and we used a Wedding florists in Wakefield, they were bright, vibrant and full of different textures.
LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop LakesWeddingPhotographWorkshop Wedding Photographers in the Lakes  Wedding Photographers Keswick Wedding Photographers Keswick Lodore falls wedding photography Lodore Falls Wedding photographyLake district wedding photography workshop_0022

Please feel free to get in touch via my contact form if you are looking for wedding photographers in the Lake District and would like any information on any of my packages and prices.

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